Blueprinter is the Solution



The Blueprinter provides the lowest Cost of Ownership in the market. The groundbreaking technology, inexpensive off-the-shelf parts, and 90% recyclable printing powder reduces the cost of 3D printing to a fraction of the price of similar printers.

Easy to use

With little or no training, anyone can use the Blueprinter via a web-based interface. Unlike rival, cupboard-sized 3D printers, the Blueprinter is conveniently installed in the office or the lab, according to your wishes. It functions quietly and smoothly, and unlike many similar 3D printers does not need separate facilities for installation.

Anything is possible

There are no limitations to the shape and complexity of the objects you wish to create with the Blueprinter. You can print multiple objects at the same time, producing solid, functional samples and models for professional use in a vast range of enterprises and industries.

What’s new?

Great prospects for 2015 – Success at Euromold 2014

Participation at Euromold this year has confirmed the increasing success of Blueprinter M2and M-Flex Powder. The displayed products have driven double as many visitors to our stand compared to the last year. Numerous of our old and new partners welcomed these new products with great interest, and several new installations have made immediately after the show and we continue to receive requests. This has made year 2014 a significant milestone in achievement for Blueprinter. Thank you for taking part with us at Euromold, and on the horizon, we look forward to successful 2015!

What is Blueprinter?